Monday, April 4, 2011

Time Travel

I was watching a show on History about time travel. It had all the great minds in quantum mechanics like Stephen Hawking (yeah yeah laugh it up) talking about the different way of time traveling. It was funny just 20 years ago it was science fiction and you would be laughed at if you brought it up. Of course movies love the idea of time travel like the obvious ones like back to the future and Donnie darko.

It's awesome how in this day of age it is coming more and more into reality. Stephen hawking talks of two different ways that may make it possible to travel through time. The first way he talks about is going the speed of light. If you were to go the speed of light long enough, your body actually ages slower then a person who is resting on Earth. The other way to time travel is actually going into space and going through a wormhole which can actually send you to the past of future depending on where in the universe you end up.

I don't think in my life time I will see time travel but at the rate of knowledge, I wouldn't be surprised if we to see the first time traveler in the near future.


  1. The problem with time travel is that if it exists, people would exploit it.

  2. Quantum physics is so interesting. I don't pretend to know much about it, but I love reading about it.

  3. Time travel would be amazing, but as flames said, people would exploit it.

  4. Sure people would exploit it, but some quantum physicists say there are an uncountable number of dimensions, so it would only be exploited in one dimension, and chances are it wouldn't be ours.
    Good post, definitely following!