Saturday, April 2, 2011

Library Rules

Remember when you were supposed to be quiet at the library? A time where if you made on peep a scary looking librarian would tell you to shut up? Man I really miss those times.

Now whenever I go to the library to study, I'm bombarded with cellphones going off non-stop, teenagers texting with their ringers going off every time they receive a text. Children crying and their unfit mothers not punishing them. People talking as loud as they want on their cellphone. I mean come on, I go to the library to get some peace and quiet to study for my finals and I'm so distracted I give up and go to McDonald's to study!

The library's really need to enforce their quiet rule and shut these kids up when I'm trying to study or do some work...


  1. I have a library at my university where there are many sections, some loud, others quiet. A lot of students go to the library to work on group projects.

  2. I go to the library to get literature, not to observe it.

  3. Seriously, this is how the library near my house is too. It's huge, with tons of space, but everywhere you go is loud, especially if you want to use a computer. And then you have to deal with waiting for one while everyone finishes up on MySpace.