Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fiverr... The New Way to Make Extra Cash!

I came across this new website called fiverr. The way the website works is that when a user signs up for an account he or she can set up what is called a "gig" on their account. Basicly a gig consists of what a user is willing to do for 5 dollars. A popular gig that many users set up is a video gig. A person will say anything the person who purchased the gig in a video for 5 dollars.

This website is great for users who want to purchase a service done by a user that normally costs a lot of money for only 5 dollars. I use it for SEO work and it's great because SEO work can cost a lot of money for people who want increase traffic to their website or blog but with the new fiverr website it can cost only 5 dollars.

Check out my gig that I recently submitted. I am offering a service that can increase your youtube views by adding 20 comments, 80 likes, 80 subscribers for only 5 dollars! I highly recommend fiverr for anyone looking for a few extra bucks.

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